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Terms & Conditions

Students are advised to read all the terms and conditions before placing an order. 

  1. 1. Student has to pay the partial or full payment to book an order.
  2. 2. Prozify accept Payments through Paypal, Remitly, Xoom or any safe and secure payment gateways.
  3. 3. Prozify has the right to reveal your information if required by the law.
  4. 4. Every student will have a separate username and password.
  5. 5. The cancellation of order will not be allowed once the order has been booked.
  6. 6. The pictures, programming, design and logos on the website is the subject of copyright of Prozify.
  7. 7. The failing of student due to the mistake of our experts then the Prozify is liable to pay the full refund.
  8. 8. The experts and executives are 24*7 available to help the students.